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Business Network International is the largest networking group in the world. Unlike informal groups that get together for breakfast or lunches to socialize and catch up on the local gossip, BNI provides a structure to the madness with a firm agenda that keep meetings on track and tracking tools to ensure ever member not only attends the meetings but contributes in a tangible way to the overall success of the group. I have rarely met anyone who participated in BNI who did not, in the very least, recoup their cost of participation with new business referred to them by their fellow members.

The general philosophy of BNI is a simple one, “Givers’ Gain”. In other words, those who take an interest in the success of others will be rewarded by positive word-of-mouth from those who received their referral. Simple. Effective. And true.

Personally, I have attended a number of networking functions around the city over the years. Most were entertaining with a number of colourful characters. All included a variety of professionals who were eager to sell me something. You know how that goes. They talk incessantly and when you begin to speak they wait patiently for that pause in your conversation that will allow them to get back on track. They’re there to sell. Not interested in buying anything. That is not the world of BNI. Anyone not interested in buying or referring business will find themselves on the outside looking in. Givers’ Gain. If you’re not a giver, this is not the organization for you. Contributions are tracked. No hiding here.

If it’s in your nature to want to help your suppliers (support them with referrals, reviews, etc.) because you take an interest in the success of those who take an interest in your success you need to visit a local chapter and see if a membership in the organization will be a good compliment to your overall sales strategy. See below for a complete list of local chapters. You can reserve your seat by completing the online form below. We look forward to seeing you there.

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