Privacy Policy

Sites covered by this Policy Statement

This Privacy Statement applies to all Bison Web Solutions Inc. owned websites and domains. Bison websites may contain links to third-party sites. Accessing these links will take you to another site. Any personal data you choose to provide to third-party sites is not covered by Bison Web Solutions and it is everyone’s responsibility to review their privacy policy before submitting personal information.

Information being collected

This Privacy Statement refers to the collection of personal information and not data collection.

Personal information is information associated with your personal identity. Bison Web Solutions Inc. uses personal information to communicate with people who have demonstrated an interest in its services or information programs (e-newsletters, videos and other information sources). Those who provide personal contact information can remain confident that details will not be shared with any third party and will be used exclusively for delivering those products and services you have demonstrated an interest in.

To be more specific you may be able to order products or services, request information, subscribe to e-mails or various marketing materials or apply for a position at Bison Web Solutions. Information provided on these pages may include name, address, contact information, user ID/passwords, credit card information, education and employment background.

How your information is used

Bison Web Solutions Inc. uses personal information in order to deliver services or information that has been requested. This may include assisting clients complete a transaction, providing service and support or to personalize promotional offers. You may also be contacted regarding quality control surveys design to assess your impression of the services provided. Regardless of the reason for our communication you will always be provided with an opt-out process should you decide to no longer participate.
Credit card information is used for payment processing only and will not be kept on record unless asked for by the client.

Who we may share your information with

Bison Web Solutions Inc. will not sell, lease or share your personal information with others. In brief, Bison will not share any of your personal information with any third party.
Still, Bison Web Solutions Inc. may occasionally contract third-party service providers to deliver various services and customer solutions. These suppliers will be required to keep confidential any information received on behalf of Bison Web Solutions Inc. and may not use this information for any purpose other than to carry out the services being performed for Bison Web Solutions Inc. Furthermore, service providers may change during the course of a project and Bison may contract additional service providers to complete work on behalf of its customers. As stated above, Bison Web Solutions Inc. will not share personal information with any third party without the written permission of its clients, unless required by law.

Accuracy of your information

Bison Web Solutions Inc. strives to keep your personal information accurate. We have implemented data management processes to ensure customer data accuracy. Customers can have access to their information by requesting it in writing and in doing so can update the information as needed. Furthermore, certain areas of Bison Web Solutions Inc. client websites will be subject to limited access with the use of user login and passwords. It will be the responsibility of clients to keep a record of this confidential information.

Keeping your information secure

Bison Web Solutions Inc. is committed to protecting their client information. To prevent unauthorized access to client data and to maintain its accuracy Bison has instituted managerial procedures designed to safeguard the information that is collected. Bison uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption when transferring sensitive data such as credit card information.

Subscriber Services

Bison Web Solutions Inc. provides its clients and the business community at large with a variety of information services from online Booklets, Reports and Newsletters. Members of the business community can subscribe for one or more publications. Online material may also include service information, special offers, surveys and online polls.

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