Site FAQ

Web Design FAQ

Why does my company need a website?

For most consumers today, your website will be their first introduction to your organization. It’s the first, and often the only, opportunity for you to entice a consumer into pursue a relationship with you. Therefore, the user experience on your site will ultimately determine how much success you will have in attracting new customers. Even word of mouth referrals will regularly visit your site before contacting you. Simply put, only companies that are happy with where they are and don’t seek growth can consider continuing without the presence of a site.

I have a Facebook page. Isn’t that enough?

Search engines do not have access to Facebook data; therefore, consumers “Googling” companies in your field will not find you in a general industry search query. It is far more effective to use social media to drive traffic to your site. A well-visited site will rank high on search engines and bring you more customers.

Why should I choose Bison Web Solutions for my web project?

BWS has a professional team of specialists committed to completing the work to your full satisfaction. These include web designers, web developers and project managers.

What is a web designer?

Web designers are responsible for the visual elements of the site. These include general layout, graphics, logos, photos, images, colours, font, etc. and implementing the overall theme of the site.

What is a web developer?

Web developers are the company’s programmers. BWS programmers have extensive experience with a variety of languages including: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Flash. As a site requires more “functions” (forms, surveys, e-commerce integration, fully integrated calendars, etc.) it will require the use of skilled web developers to deliver these customized solutions.

What is a project manager?

At BWS every customer is assigned a project manager who assumes responsibility for delivering the final product to the client’s complete satisfaction. He/she will visit with the client and walk them through the entire process.

Do I need to provide BWS with all the content for the website?

No. The greatest delay in getting sites up promptly is the delay by clients in delivering their content. BWS uses experienced writers who are available to facilitate this process and will allow for your site to be up as quickly as possible.

I have content, but it needs work. Can you help?

Yes. Writing for the web is substantially different than any other type of writing. Search engines “crawl” through website content for the best possible matches and an understanding of industry-specific SEO terms and queries will ensure higher placement in SEO searches. Having your work edited is always a good idea.

What makes BWS different than other web providers?

Delivering an exceptional user experiences starts with a good understanding of your business and your “Story”. What makes your company, your service and your products different than those of your competitors? This is the starting point in laying out the website architecture that will ultimately define the user experience. BWS is so committed to ensuring your total satisfaction that it provides all customers with a team of experts that include a project manager, web designer (graphic artist) and web developer (computer programmer) as well as content writers as needed.

Web Hosting FAQ

What are your Web Hosting services?

These can be broken down into Domain Name Registration/Renewal & Web Hosting. Bison Web Solutions (BWS) can help you search for and register the domain name(s) you need. You can also leave your website hosting to the experts at BWS while you focus on your core business. BWS will deliver websites that are quick to load, reliable and secure.

Can I move my existing site to Bison?

Depending on your site’s configuration you may be able to transfer to BWS. We offer both Windows and Linux based hosting environments.

BWS’s web hosting and tech support services includes

  1. Daily site back-up
  2. Maintenance of e-mail accounts
  3. Free anti-virus & anti-spam protection
  4. Spyware diagnosis, protection & removal
  5. On-going tune-ups and maintenance
  6. Domain name management/renewal
  7. Technical support via e-mail & telephone

e-Commerce FAQ

Why Choose Bison Web Solutions for your e-commerce solutions?

Simply put, BWS’s experienced programmers can customize an e-commerce system that is industry-specific and uniquely designed for your business needs. Web designers will regularly choose off-the-shelf template systems that are restrictive, cumbersome and expensive. They regularly provide dozens of features you will never use and are missing a number of key features you actually need. One size does not fit all, and BWS will customize the system to your individual needs.

Furthermore, how you display your products is as important as the system that controls it. BWS’s experienced web designers take pride in delivering a user experience that delivers. Products will be accessible with product details that are easy to understand and photos that are aesthetically appealing. Finally, web designers will ensure that the purchasing process is a quick and reliable journey for your customers.