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I was recently approached by a Chiropractor who was interested in growing his business. By reviewing his site it was obvious that he suffered from the typical inclination of every professional, “I can help anyone.” Of course his material (brochures, pamphlets, etc.) re-enforced that message with images of seniors, pregnant women, men and children.

I asked him about any marketing campaigns he may have undertaken over the years. As an athlete he is quite physically active in a number of sports with one of these being recreational running. As such, he has been sponsoring an annual run every year for the past three years. With an average of 3,000 participants at each event he was granted exposure to 9,000 athletes over the course of the three events.

The event was typical as sporting events go with each participating athlete receiving a gift bag of free samples and brochures from the event sponsors. As a chiropractor he opted for one of his very detailed brochures that outlined the many benefits of chiropractic care.

The return on this marketing effort over three years was an absolute “0”. Not one response! Not surprising. In today’s hectic environment, with the average person being subjected to hundreds of marketing messages daily, we have all developed the innate ability of “tuning out” messages that are of no interest to us.  For many business people this is discouraging news, however, herein lies the opportunity. Speak directly to people and they will listen.

When researching successful marketing case studies for chiropractors I found a women in the United States who was a terrific example of targeted message. As an adult athlete who continued to play softball she understood the common overuse injuries associated with the sport. She decided she would love to work with more adult softball players and began to advertise to that community with information that was targeted to the: common softball injuries; how chiropractic care will improve your performance and so on. The community responded and one happy softball player told her whole team and so on. Today she is so busy serving the softball community she can no longer take other patients.

Identify your customer and create materials that speak to them. They will be more likely to listen and respond. Chances are, they will also tell all their friends.

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